These Are the Goods


There is a difference between an expert, whose talent should always be celebrated, and a guru, whose flaws should never be questioned.

By Morgan Housel 

It was a masterful, completely legal and utterly ruthless move.

By Dave Nadig

Once they are gone, you are the one who will have to tell their stories.

By Nick Maggiulli

Nothing grew faster than per-child spending on child care, which increased by a factor of 21—or approximately 2,000 percent—in those 40 years.

By Derek Thompson

No one starts saving for childcare at age 12 to be ready by age 30 for kids.

By Ben Carlson


We had the crash in 1987 which made people wear suits again

With Jim O’Shaughnessy, Jamie Catherwood, Super Mugatu, and Ramp Capital 

The guys who don’t win get thought about differently

With Bill Simmons and Daryl Morey

A bias to bias

With Ted Seides and Drew Dickson


Major things happen because of seemingly irrelevant mutations in narratives

By Robert Shiller