These Are the Goods


The fund has beaten the S&P 500–at least over the past four and a half decades–even though it has largely missed out on the booms in technology and healthcare

By Kevin McDevitt

Anyone who tells you that money is a commodity has never raised capital, done a deal, or had a partner

By Brent Beshore

None of us is as good as we think we are

By Bob Seawright

What if investors will actually pay a higher price and accept a lower expected return for very illiquid assets? 

By Cliff Asness

They remember the purchase price and the sale price and forget all the negatives in between

By Cullen Roche

On the first day of FinTwit, Jim O’Shaughnessy gave to me…

By Phil Huber

Don’t fear buying stock (indices) when they close at all-time highs

By AllocateSmartly

0.01% is a good proxy for what constitutes a trivial amount of money for any level of wealth

By Nick Maggiulli

To end the decade barely below where they had started, investors had to endure a brutal battering along the way.

By Jason Zweig



Identifying new kinds of beta

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Ben Savage

Thinking about the things we’re thinking

With J.C. Parets and Annie Duke

KG’s out on the new generation

With Bill Simmons, Adam Sandler, an Kevin Garnett


The trading volume of the first ten minutes of a busy day exceeds the trading that took place in any calendar year of the 1860’s.

By John Steele Gordon