These Are the Goods



If you can’t stick with a 100% stock portfolio through a 50% downturn then the S&P isn’t your benchmark.

By Cullen Roche

If you have a long term savings or dollar cost average plan and suddenly you sell everything because you’re in pain, whelp, that’s capitulation

By Phil Pearlman

In a decade quite bad for value investing, the start of 2020 is the absolute worst 6-week period

By Cliff Asness

Of the US firms listed in 1900, over 80% of their value was in industries that are today small or extinct

By Dimson, Staunton, and Marsh

What this moment shares with 1999 is a rising belief that someone else will come along to buy a surging stock at an even higher price, regardless of fundamentals

By Luke Kawa

When markets crumple, the culprits usually aren’t the smallest investors, but the biggest.

By Jason Zweig

Professionals are still more afraid of embarrassing themselves than they are of permanent losses

By Josh Brown

Once we lose control, it’s game over.

By Ramp Capital

Every buyer and seller must assume fundamentals are detached from reality with every trade they make in the markets. Otherwise, why would anyone ever transact?

By Ben Carlson

One of the biggest problems in personal finance is deciding when to invest a sum of money.

By Nick Maggiulli


No matter how many times you succeeded you do not feel it increases your chances of succeeding again

With Conan O’Brien and Judd Apatow

Trust but verify

With Ted Seides and Dan Rasmussen

The first stock I bought was AMZN

With Meb Faber and Joe Davis


The expectation of inflation was creating inflation; it was a psychological phenomenon as much as anything else. 

By Joe Nocera