These Are the Goods


Forget about what the stock market is going to do. Instead, focus on what you, as an investor, ought to do.

By Jason Zweig

Booms make people complacent, assets expensive, and businesses fragile

By Morgan Housel 

Emotions have everything to do with market analysis

By Dave Nadig

Prudent measures to stop the spread of the virus in an effort to protect more vulnerable community members will substantially reduce economic growth.

By George Pearkes

Models like this are by no means perfect. We offer them here not to say, “don’t panic,” because in the short-term prices are unpredictable and may continue sharply lower

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Before now, I never understood people who ignored warnings about tornadoes or floods and stayed in their houses while everyone around them evacuated. Now I do.

By Ramit Sethi

The easiest thing to do is throw in the towel

By Ramp Capital

For God’s sake, stop getting your Coronavirus news from Facebook — its Darwin’s latest development in natural selection

By Barry Ritholtz

The only thing scarier than losing money is losing your life. This is a perfect storm of panic.

By Blair duQuesnay

Locking in permanent losses today, while fleeing to an asset class that yields nothing, is a surefire way to be unable to pursue our dreams tomorrow

By Josh Brown

For many of us, yesterday was the worst investment day of your lives

By Nick Maggiulli  

I’m far more worried about the bond market right now than the stock market.

By Ben Carlson


Supply and demand are two problems, investor appetite is a third problem

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Deep Basin Capital

People will surprise you with their reactions to these catastrophic events

With Bill Simmons and Malcolm Gladwell

This is like trying to stop the wind

With Joe Rogan and Michael Osterlohm

I can’t think of one bond over 75 cents in the E&P space today

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Bryan Krug