These Are the Goods


Investors all over social media are panicking. Because they don’t have a plan. But you do.

By Meb Faber

Fewer than 200 civilian vehicles were built in the United States from 1942 to 1945. Every assembly line was devoted to war

By Morgan Housel

We talk about what’s happening, not what isn’t happening

By Dan Egan

The Treasury market is the foundation of the global economic financial system 

By Tim Duy

We are in a severe recession right now that is unlike any other in recent history

By Gavin Baker

America’s small businesses entrepreneurs are uniquely ill-equipped to survive this public health crisis without support

By Brent Beshore

A combo-platter of asynchronous markets, a “hot” trade with a levered connection, a crazy, whipsaw rally in the middle of a presidential declaration of a national emergency. 

By Dave Nadig

As bad as the news will be, its ability to shock us will diminish

By Josh Brown

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people

By Tony Isola

When markets have no memory from day-to-day, investors begin seeing patterns where none exist.

By Ben Carlson

A high VIX is a leading indicator of a market bottom.  

By Nick Maggiulli

If you have cash sitting on the sidelines, this is the moment you were waiting for

By Blair duQuesnay


It works over time, but it doesn’t work every time

With Rodrigo Gordillo, Adam Butler, and Corey Hoffstein,

There were times over the last week where there was no treasury curve and the future market was not functioning

With Ted Seides and James Aitken

Surviving down periods is a lot easier as a public company than as a private one

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Bill Gurley, and Chetan Puttagunta

Bear markets are much more predictable

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Dan Rasmussen