These Are the Goods


Business moats and brand awareness don’t matter when your customers are ordered by law to stay in their homes.

By Morgan Housel

What are the economic rules of this upside-down world, where opening the economy too soon produces mass death, but shutting it for too long produces mass suffering?

By Derek Thompson

My strategy for trading isn’t meant to be rigid, only to be rational.

By James Stewart

Preparing now will be essential for giving your organization the best chance for survival. 

By Brent Beshore

Economic crises, natural disasters, and other long-tail events tend to accelerate underlying trends, exacerbate balances of power, and unravel businesses, business models, and business practices that were sustained by a robust economy

By Matthew Ball

Here might be a free way to get a signal, out of all the noise

By Michael Lewis

The current pandemic isn’t just a health crisis. For many households it’s a financial crisis as well. 

By Christine Benz

Hindsight allows us to see that we made it through past crises. While in the middle of a crisis, we do not have that luxury.

By Blair duQuesnay

Forced buying at a low boil

By Josh Brown

Surviving another day takes precedence over retirement saving.

By Tony Isola


If you’re right about the spread of this virus the implication is that more Americans will die in the next 12 months than from all other causes combined

With Peter Attia and Michael Osterholm

I’m taking Kerry Kittles with the 13th pick

With Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo

Cash dominates covenants

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Gavin Baker


Magazines and newspapers are full of articles telling people to buy stocks, real estate etc. at present bargain prices. They say that times are sure to get better and that many big fortunes have been built this way. The trouble is that nobody has any money.

By Benjamin Roth