These Are the Goods


The market doesn’t care about your principles. For 10 years, principles have gotten you nowhere.

By Jared Dillian

You cannot believe in capitalism while assuming the world is static

By Morgan Housel

One cannot simultaneously mourn the loss of millions of jobs while tsk-tsking companies that use every means available to stave off a bankruptcy that will end with mass layoffs.

By Derek Thompson

A real concern is that we will tire of fiscal stimulus before the need for that money runs out

By Neil Irwin

True risk is an extended period of zero returns

By Adam Collins

You can’t throw an eighth birthday party for your daughter in an IRA account.

By Josh Brown

Most people at the upper end of the income spectrum think they are less wealthy than they actually are.

By Nick Maggiulli

Diversification can make you feel like you’re running uphill with a weighted vest on during a bull market.

By Ben Carlson


Carmelo was never gonna be the number 2 pick

With Bill Simmons and Chad Ford

You’re never gonna match what it means to the other person

With Brian Koppelman and Bill Simmons


Trading derivatives could often seem like standing between two mirrors and seeing the reflection of your reflection of your reflection, ad infinitum

By Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera