These Are the Goods


Tech is not driving the extreme valuations today vs. the past

By Cliff Asness

The cost of rolling into new contracts is the main reason ETF returns differ from physical commodity prices

By Adam Collins

Genius is obvious, only after it was crazy

By Scott Galloway

The one and only other time that Berkshire’s relative strength hit a five-year low, it didn’t stay low for long

By Bespoke Investment Group

Which value screen is right? Neither and both.

By Ryan Kirlin

The version of Warren Buffett we got this weekend has been bruised by the bank stocks and battered by the airlines.

By Josh Brown

Where else can you earn $1 a month, or $12 a year, for every $100 at stake?

By Nick Maggiulli

Many young people assume social security is either a Ponzi scheme or simply not going to be around when they reach retirement age.

By Ben Carlson


I don’t think I’ve looked at my bank account in years

With Michael Lewis

Krause deserved more credit than he got but wanted more credit than he deserved

With Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman

What we do in life, echoes in eternity

With Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan, Shea Serrano, and Jason Concepcion

There was already a new economy that was getting created and this just hit the gas on it

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Ali Hamed