These Are the Goods


Value looks cheap on a relative basis, but doesn’t scream totally cheap on an absolute basis.

By Wesley Gray

What’s the bull case here for stocks? 

By Daniel McMurtrie

The real difference between value and growth investors lies not in whether they care about value, but where they believe the investing payoff is greater

By Aswath Damodaran 

People suffering from sudden, unexpected catastrophe are likely to adopt views they previously thought unthinkable.

By Morgan Housel

It’s a crisis and we’re all just trying our best

By Myles Udland

What if we get a Covid-19 vaccine and half the country refuses to take it?

By Kevin Roose

Onward to Greatness

By Dasarte Yarnway

Every indicator eventually bites the dust

By Josh Brown

It might be easier to wait two years with a known end date, than 12 months with uncertainty.

By Blair duQuesnay

If you don’t know what you own and why you own it, a bear market is a bad place to find out.

By Ben Carlson

If you bought the Dow on a random day, what is the probability of being down 10% in the future?  What about being down 20%?  What about 30%?

By Nick Maggiulli


We’re drowning in debt

With Dave Chang and Chris Ying

He taught me life

With Michael Lewis

A hamburger cost fifty bucks

With Barry Ritholtz and Henry Cornell


Market competition lead a self-interested person to wake up in the morning, look outside at the earth and produce from its raw materials, not what he wants, but what others want

By Todd Buchholz