May 2020

Animal Spirits: Too Dumb, Too Young, and Too Inexperienced

On today’s show we discuss inequality among corporations, differences in the unemployed by education, the best new restaurant in the country just went out of business, why housing prices are rising during the crisis, millennials fleeing big cities, you are not Stanley Druckenmiller and much more.

Animal Spirits: Fallen Angels

On today’s show we discuss:

-The Fed buying junk bonds
-Why the S&P 500 is not a momentum fund
-Ben’s a Peloton influencer
-How a $70,000 position turned into a $9 million loss, and much more

These Are the Goods

-Au contraire, tech and giants are not the only thing driving value off a cliff
-The true cost of commodity ETFs
-What we do in life, echoes in eternity
-How credit cards exploit their customers
-What’s Wrong Warren, and much more

More is Less

One of the iron laws of behavioral finance is that when things are going well, investors always think they could be going better.