These Are the Goods


Robinhood is daytrading for the Tinder generation (By Dave Nadig)

It’s a very bad idea to buy the equity in companies where the bonds are distressed.(By Greg Obenshain)

It’s fine for other investors to sell their overpriced stock to people who want fun, but it is a little unseemly when the company does it. (By Matt Levine)

Google and Facebook could wipe out the entire radio industry, and they’d still wake up hungry for more profits within 24-36 months based on investors’ expectations. (By Scott Galloway)

Things that never change are the most important things to pay attention to (Morgan Housel)

When should you sell some or all of your stocks? (By Ben Carlson)

It’s like a game of musical chairs with stocks (By Nick Maggiulli)


46% talk time is ideal (By Michael Lewis)

The whole crisis was the result of a miscalculation (By Jon Meachem)

Size versus speed (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and John Collison)


By the time a human being had seen, processed, and reacted to a buy signal or news of an interest rate cut, the market had entirely absorbed the information and any value had evaporated (By Liam Vaughan)