These Are the Goods


What a company does well is not necessarily what it gets paid for (By Byrne Hobart)

Almost 60% of the Small Value Index’s companies operate cyclical businesses (By John Rekenthaler)

People can’t unlearn what they’ve learned is possible (By Morgan Housel)

The S&P 500 Index is not a representation of your local economy. It never was (By Blair duQuesnay)

There’s something to hate in here for everyone (By Josh Brown)


The people who get the best coaches aren’t the ones who need them most (By Michael Lewis)

I’m not always bullish (With Barry Ritholtz and Jeremy Siegel)

This is like Jeff Bezos firing the gardener because he’s out of cash (By Malcolm Gladwell)


The Dow had fallen more in a five-minute period than at any other time in its 114-year history (By Liam Vaughan)