These Are the Goods


Zero rates aren’t a new normal; they’re just normal in Japan (By Nick Schmitz and Greg Obenshain)

Don’t do something you love. Do something other people will love you for doing (By Cullen Roche)

Conflating luck and talent is dangerous (By Scott Galloway)

Some advantages create new disadvantages (By Morgan Housel)

The ice is probably going to melt, but we’re still going to have drinks (By Drew Dickson)

The first half of 2020 should remind us that investing isn’t about conquering markets; it’s about mastering ourselves. (By Jason Zweig)

An ounce of gold bought a fine men’s suit in the time of Shakespeare, and so it does today (By Nick Maggiulli)


Monday Night Football became the bane of my fuckn existence (With Bill Simmons, Don Cheadle, and Rob Lowe)

If it’s not an easy yes, it’s an easy no(With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Brad Gerstner)


April 19 was the second anniversary of Waco, the 220th anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolution at the Battles of Lexington and Concord (By Sam Anderson)


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