These Are the Goods


If you had a strategy that invested in expensive, weak momentum diluters, that
are unprofitable, goose their books through accounting shenanigans, and take on excess debt, you probably did exceptionally well in Q2 (By O’Shaughnessy Asset Management)

There is a long history of economies being hit with downpours. But this is the first in which perhaps 70% of the economy has a sturdy umbrella while 30% is left to get soaked (By Morgan Housel)

Small college towns across the country are being set up for disaster (By Scott Galloway)

Cities with more resilient industries will have more resilient real estate (By Unison)

Many people mistakenly assume the U.S. government’s budget should work just like it does for a household (By Ben Carlson)

Volatility is a known unknown, while risk is an unknown unknown (By Nick Maggiulli)


The engine of alpha capture (With Corey Hoffstein and K.C. Hamann)

I’m optimistic about people that are realistic (With Corey Hoffstein and Eric Crittenden)


Fiscal deficits don’t eat up our savings; they enlarge them! (By Stephanie Kelton)