August 2020

These Are the Goods

-Distorting market values
-Why the world doesn’t work the way you expect it to
-The right way to do something, and much more

Animal Spirits: Trickle Up Economics

Description: On this week’s show we discuss the potential for a spending boom when the pandemic is over, what happens to all of the government debt we’re racking up, what happened to the middle class in America, the red hot housing market, a tough fall ahead for students and parents and much more.

King Apple

It’s truly incredible to see how quickly the largest company in the world is pulling away from the rest of the pack. 

Animal Spirits: How to Spend Your Money

On this episode, we do a deep dive on budgeting, conscious spending, classflation, the two types of budgets, how to plan for infrequent expenses, how to make your budget obsolete and much more as it pertains to one of the most important topics in all of personal finance.

The Other 94%

Most stocks might not be near a 52-week high, but they’re also very from their 52-week lows.