These Are the Goods


Investments in publicly-traded U.S. stocks improved the wealth of shareholders by over $47 trillion dollars between 1926 and 2019 (By Hendrik Bessembinder)

More than 90 percent of the stocks that have disappeared since 1996 were those of small- and micro-capitalization companies (By Michael Mauboussin and Dan Callahan)

If markets were concerned about the deficit, borrowing costs for the government wouldn’t be at record lows (By Myles Udland)

The internet specializes in disentangling the bundles of previous centuries (By Derek Thompson)

TikTok was rumored to have been spending a staggering eight or nine figures a month on advertising (By Eugene Wei)

Being a monopoly and having high margins doesn’t guarantee good shareholder returns (By Young Money)

The odds of getting a 16 year old hooked on Seinfeld or Alanis Morissette round to zero – they are social hand-me-downs (By Morgan Housel)

The economy many people experience, while bleak, is local, personal and, for the most part, either not publicly traded or plays only a small part in the stock market’s moves (By Barry Ritholtz)

The only thing that matters in personal finance is whether you can live the life that you truly want (By Nick Maggiulli)

That’s all that ever concerns the stock market. Which way are we going and at what speed? (By Josh Brown)

It’s a miracle the S&P 500 is now up more than 3% on the year (By Ben Carlson)


Content should be king (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Matthew Ball)

There’s no real reason to split a stock, but there’s no reason not to either (With Josh Brown and Peter Boockvar) 


When we went public, we gave her five hundred shares of stock. She has not sold a single share, and it’s over $1 million now (By David Rubenstein)