The Real Reason for All Time Highs: What Are Your Thoughts

This week on an all-new edition of What Are Your Thoughts, Josh and I tackle the hottest topics in financial markets, including:

  • Home Depot was the slam-dunk, no-brainer trade of the year. Josh hates himself.
  • James Montier and Howard Marks disagree on the Fed’s influence over the stock market this year.
  • Emerging Markets are now 18% tech stocks, why won’t they catch up to the US
  • Stocks are at record highs again, for the first time in 120 days – which is kind of normal, believe it or not.
  • Corona calls in Snoop Dogg to relaunch the brand. Will it work?
  • Is New York City really “Dead Forever”?
  • How long before the NFL cancels the season?


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