These Are the Goods


Passive vehicles own 14–20% of the average small-cap stock (By Johann Colloredo-Mansfeld)

When the interest rate is low, the present value of a persistent market leader becomes extremely high (By Nathan Tankus)

Each situation leads to more questions than answers (By Jay Woods)

Normal people don’t think that way (By Joachim Klement)

What does it mean for a stock to be cheap? (By Jack Vogel)

Even uber-successful people experience jealousy and make relative comparisons about career accomplishments (By Ben Carlson)

The right way to do something is in the eye of the beholder (By Nick Maggiulli)


Who am I? (With Malcolm Gladwell)

How committed are you to the struggle? (With Zach Lowe, Malika Andrews, and William Rhoden)

The world doesn’t work the way you expect it to (With Josh Brown)


What time is it, what time is it. But none of the clocks have any hands. (By George Goodman)