These Are the Goods


If we are to believe this pandemic will be a two-year process, we are now officially entering the second quarter (By Myles Udland

Home is where the startups aren’t (By Packy McCormick)

Like numerous other forms of Wall Street financial ingenuity, these vehicles have had a checkered history — and shockingly terrible performance (By Michelle Celarier)

Good housing demographics, housing tenure at 10 years and low mortgage rates are a perfect recipe for unhealthy home-price growth (By Logan Mohtashami)

80% of Prime subscribers start their product search on Amazon, and only 12% on Google, while that split is 50/50 for non-Prime subscribers (By Ben Thompson)

What if you were able to isolate the subscriptions themselves for the creation of a new asset class? (By John Street Capital)

Why is value supposed to work? (By Drew Dickson)

Nearly 40 percent of companies listed in the U.S. in 2019 lost money, up from fewer than 20 percent in the 1970s (By Michael Mauboussin and Dan Callahan)

Tell people what they want to hear and you can be wrong indefinitely without penalty (By Morgan Housel)

What’s the point of working so hard if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor? (By Nick Maggiulli)

Making fun of Robinhood speculators does not in fact create alpha (By Ben Carlson)

It should be grueling. That’s the point. It’s called vetting (By Josh Brown)


Now you’ve had enough, bitch (With Dan Patrick and Adam Sandler)

Court room scenes and dinner scenes are death (With Bill Simmons and Jeff Daniels)

Ed Harris wanted to punch me right in the face (With Rob Lowe and Alec Baldwin)

We have a bull market in thirty year olds (With Josh Brown and Logan Mohtashami)


We shall never surrender (By Erik Larson)