These Are the Goods


A crisis of trust (By David Brooks)

The median European stock trades at about half the valuation of the median US stock (By Verdad)

The most popular video service in the United States is now YouTube, which is almost entirely user-generated content (By Matthew Ball)

Pessimists are underappreciated (By Scott Galloway)

Buy now pay later (By Marc Rubinstein)

We have ourselves a pressure cooker of uncertainty (By Blair duQuesnay)

You want the odds in your favor but the majority of the time you don’t know exactly what those odds are (By Ben Carlson)

Serious disorders may result from inflexible beliefs (By Tony Isola)


The reason people cancel debt is to restore economic normalcy (With Tracy Alloway, Joe Weisenthal, and Michael Hudson)

I don’t think I ever used the term 4% rule (With Michael Kitces and Bill Bengen)

There’s no margin of safety in the stock (With Josh Brown, Ben Carlson, and Dasarte Yarnway)

The kids can do it (With Barry Ritholtz and Joel Greenblatt)



They were exhausted. Selling was the simplest way to solve the problem (By Sarah Frier)