These Are the Goods


Good news takes time but bad news happens instantly (By Morgan Housel)

A quantitative look at what drives box office results (By Harrison Burke)

Amazon has actually lost share in e-commerce during Covid (By Gavin Baker)

The distinction between investing and speculating is not only a fine one, but very much in the eyes of the beholder (By Aswath Damodaran)

The weakest links derail everything (By Tony Isola)

It’s cheap, simple, automated, easy and convenient (By Ben Carlson)

Why should I own bonds at all? (By Nick Maggiulli)


Bad things are happening in our country (With Meb Faber, Jeremy Schwartz, and Jesper Koll)

There is an inverse relationship between the purchase price and the amount of diligence that is done (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Ben Gilbert, and David Rosenthal)

The more you spend on a movie, the lower the risk on average (With Ryen Russillo and Ben Fritz)

It’s not rules that are being broken, it’s norms (With Josh Brown and Barry Ritholtz)


Go to jail (By Mary Pilon)