These Are the Goods


People are spending less on services and luxury items, and investing more (By Packy McCormick)

Personally I feel like I made a financial mistake by contributing too much to my 401(k) when I was younger (By Nick Maggiulli)

What if perseverance works against you at times as an investor? (By Ben Carlson)

Bidding wars account for roughly 30% of the sales with listing inventory at or near record lows (By Barry Ritholtz)

People recognize the ground shifting (By Josh Brown)


You trade against yourself all the time (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Brad Gerstner, and Rich Barton)

Some people want to listen, some people want to watch, some people want to read (With Justin Carbonneau and Tadas Viskanta) 

It’s gonna be very tough for markets to remain optimistic for that long (With Josh Brown and Hadi Yousef)


Everything breaks at a billion (By Sarah Frier)