These Are the Goods


Demographics were never destiny (By Derek Thompson)

Over the past 50 years, health care hasn’t slowed the aging process so much as it has slowed the dying process (By Ezekiel Emanuel)

It’s normal to cling to something you’re familiar with when confronted with something you’re not (By Morgan Housel)

More than four in 10 U.S.-based stocks have suffered drops of 50% or more over a three-month period, compared with just 2% of all U.S.-based equity mutual funds (By Amy Arnott)

One of the biggest reasons FOMO exists is because it doesn’t seem fair (By Ben Carlson)

If you make a lot of money from either capital or labor, then Biden’s plan will cost you money (By Nick Maggiulli)



Think about the $30,000 questions (With Christine Benz, Jeffrey Ptak, and Ramit Sethi)

One in ten Americans influences the other nine (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Jason Karp, and Rohan Oza)

Pre-election polling is broken (With Michael Barbaro and Nate Cohn)

A loyal teammate who hogged the ball (With Bill Simmons and J.A. Adande)


The pleasure principle cannot be prolonged indefinitely (By Carl Cederstrom)


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