These Are the Goods


There are roughly three ways to think about gold, two of which are fairly crazy, one of which is boring but sometimes useful (By Byrne Hobart)

What goes wrong when the FIRE dream dies? (By Monevator)

One party is expected to act in the other’s best interest, but how can we be sure they will? (By Marc Rubinstein)

Amazon is having a good lockdown, but so is anyone else who can sell online (By Benedict Evans)

We have no idea what happens next (By Morgan Housel)

Smart people allocate assets, take appropriate risks and accept the uncertainty that comes along with the territory – they don’t twitch like squirrels every time someone snaps a twig in the forest (By Josh Brown)

Avoiding career risk early on seems like a foolish decision in hindsight (By Nick Maggiulli)


Everything went wrong at the same time (With Bill Brewster and Dan McMurtrie)

Know what you’re selling (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Nick Kokonas)

Everyone out there wants to bet (With Josh Brown, Bob Haber, and Meb Faber)


Never trust the vast mountain of conventional wisdom. It contains great nuggets of wisdom, it is true. But they lie alongside rivers of fool’s gold. (By Felix Dennis)