These Are the Goods


If you’re serious about building a new habit, then start with something small (By James Clear)

Manias often end at the end of a calendar year (By Gavin Baker)

Lock it in. Secure the win (By Blair duQuesnay)

There’s a very simple way to avoid bear markets (By Josh Brown)

All-time highs tend to follow other all-time highs (By Nick Maggiulli)

The fact that there are currently winners means there will be a flood of losers to follow (By Ben Carlson)


The next big challenge for our industry (With Josh Brown, Doug Boneparth, and Eddy Elfenbein)

This is gonna be a bubble (With Jim O’Shaughnessy, Jamie Catherwood, and Alex Danco)


Uncontested markets are usually uncontested for a reason (By Felix Dennis)