These Are the Goods


Things that are boring but effective are discounted relative to things that are exciting but knowingly less effective (By Morgan Housel)

Inflation is hard to understand and even harder to predict (By Igor Vasilachi)

Most of the time is not all of the time (By Kevin Zatloukal)

What is going on beneath the surface can often be very different than the way things appear to be at first glance (By Jack Forehand)

Of the $14 trillion increase in M1, $11.2 trillion (80%) came from an accounting rule change that shifted money from savings accounts to checking accounts (By Morgan Housel)

Getting rich and staying rich are two very different skills (By Blair duQuesnay)

We all want linearly plotted story lines that have a beginning, a middle and an end (By Josh Brown)


I think it’s a bubble (With Mary Childs, Alexi-Horowitz Ghazi, and Beeple)

We’re not even competing in the information space right now (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Josh Wolfe, and Tony Thomas)

Money is opportunity and freedom (With Ryen Russillo and Harrison Barnes)

There is no landing to stick (With Chris and Andy Greenwald)

There’s an explosion in new highs (With Josh Brown, Tony Isola, and Rich Bernstein)

People are capitulating from career risk (With Ted Seides and Michael Sonneshein)


If humans lived like a typical mammal our size, we’d hit puberty before age two and be dead by twenty-five (By Heman Pontzer)