These Are the Goods


There are limits to scaling. (By Morgan Housel)

Pipe figured it out (By Alex Danco)

The hallmark of a big market delusion is when all the firms in the evolving industry rise together even though they are often direct competitors. (By Rob Arnott)

So much of everything going on in the markets has to do with the fact that rich people have too much money and nowhere to put it (By Ben Carlson)

This is a reverse wealth transfer. (By Josh Brown)

There are people who spend lots of time trying to call a bubble when they would be far better off investing according to one simple idea—stocks go up. (By Nick Maggiulli)


The models we thought we understood just kept not bearing any fruit (With Tracy Alloway, Joe Weisenthal, and Stephanie Kelton)

Most people know 650-900 people (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Marissa King)

Everything is hard about crypto (With Ted Seides and Ari Paul)

Everything got so big so fast (With Barry Ritholtz and Bill Gurley)

Diversification is always the right answer (With Josh Brown and Andrew Dudum)


Without our group, we’re dead (By Herman Pontzner)