These Are the Goods


The WeWork enigma (By Dror Poleg and Packy McCormick)

Active investing is a natural extension of hustle culture, in which risk is embraced and failure is accepted (By Anish Acharya and Matthieu Hafemeister)

Portfolio and fund management in a venture capital firm is not something that is often discussed (By Fred Wilson)

Collectibles are almost entirely psychological assets (By Dave Nadig)

Work is about much more than money (By Nick Maggiulli)

It’s hard to imagine investors selling their stocks in the midst of an economic boom (By Ben Carlson)

All portfolios express a viewpoint (By Barry Ritholtz)


A culture is not a set of beliefs. It’s a set of actions. (With Ben Horowitz and Sonal Chokshi)

People are inefficient information processors (Animal Spirits with Phil Pearlman)

The country’s population is moving a foot south every day (With Josh Brown and Dallas Tanner)

Anything else is always something better (With Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, and Chris Ryan)