These Are the Goods



You can’t make a difference if you’re not different (By Perth Tolle)

Learn by doing (By Howard Lindzon)

Irrational trends rarely follow rational timelines. (By Morgan Housel)

I’m telling you that there’s something real happening, and ringing the bell for you to get involved. (By Packy McCormick)

Imagine how long it must have taken for gold to become universally accepted as a currency or store of value. (By Phil Pearlman)

Direct Indexing allows investors to “access losses” that fund owners cannot (By Barry Ritholtz)

Warning against the use of 5x leverage would be like warning against the dangers of getting injured while playing in the NFL. It is a risk, but not one that 99.9% of people have to worry about. (By Nick Maggiulli)

You ever notice it’s the same folks who lamented the lack of growth who are now crying about how the acceleration of growth is unsustainable? (By Josh Brown)

Medical bills bankrupt more Americans than any other type of expense. (By Tony Isola)


Bob Cousy was a driving instructor (With Adam McKay)

You have to make deposits before you can make withdrawals (With Jim O’Shaughnessy, Jamie Catherwood, and Howard Lindzon)

There are financial aspects to it but at its core it’s a computer movement (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Chris Dixon)

Progress is awesome but that doesn’t mean problems will go away (With Jim O’Shaughnessy, Jamie Catherwood, and Josh Wolfe)


Spying is not for everyone (By Jack Devine)