I Don’t Shop

$126 billion of value creation.

This is the amount of money that Amazon delivered to its prime members in 2020, according to Jeff Bezos. He got to this number by doing some arithmetic on the amount of time people spend on Amazon versus going to a store.

I don’t even view Amazon as a store. People go to a store to shop. I go to Amazon to buy.  They say that 28% of purchases on Amazon happen in three minutes or less. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than 3 minutes on Amazon. I don’t shop. I buy.

Last night on What Are Your Thoughts? Josh and I were talking about Bezos being the best founder/CEO of all-time.

We don’t need to get into all of the reasons for his greatness, I just wanted to share a chart that blew my mind. My history with Amazon is a perfect way to visualize their dominance.

Amazon is the most disruptive company in the history of capitalism and I’m just glad to be super long the stock (in my index fund).