These Are the Goods


Long term is harder than most people imagine, which is why it’s more lucrative than many people assume. (By Morgan Housel)

Pick a housing statistic at random, and it’s probably setting an all-time record (By Derek Thompson)

You don’t control your own media platform if you run it on a centralized service. (By Fred Wilson)

Owning ETH is like owning shares of the internet (By Packy McCormick)

There’s something hypnotic about seeing funds compound continuously in real time (By Marc Rubinstein)

Risk-free reward is the domain of the charlatans (By Josh Brown)

You have to stay in the game to survive as an investor (By Ben Carlson)


You can tell he’s smart in one tweet.  (With Howard Lindzon and Dan McMurtrie)

It’s amazing what people get used to (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Justin Fishner-Wolfson)

AT&T never made sense (With Bill Simmons and Ben Thompson)


He once told me ‘If we ever appear in the 100 best places to work in America,’ you’ve screwed this place up. (By Brad Stone)