These Are the Goods


The new cash wasn’t new money (By Cullen Roche)

If I were not at Square or Twitter, I would be working on bitcoin (By Taylor Locke)

It was always a popularity contest. Now it’s a three-ring circus. (By Josh Brown)

There are around 32 million millionaires living in the United States. (By Nick Maggiulli)

There is now close to $4.7 trillion in money market assets (By Ben Carlson)



Criticism is the tax for success (With Bill Simmons and Chris Bosh)

Another layer of survivors moves onto the next market cycle (With Joe Weisenthal, Tracy Alloway, and Roshun Patel)

Markets are broken (With Barry Ritholtz and Carson Block)


A record collection defines who you are, and a book collection defines who you really want to be. By Will Page)