These Are the Goods


Over 85,000 self-help books were published in 2019. (By Bob Seawright)

DeFi and stablecoins are now far too big and prominent for regulators to meet only with benign neglect (By Steve Randy Waldman)

Despite making up only 3% of RH’s assets under custody, options drive 46% of total revenue (By Scott Galloway)

Some of the things I’ve come to learn have never been taught in any textbook (By Josh Brown)

There are many ways to be rich beyond the amount of money you have in your investment portfolio or checking account. (By Ben Carlson)


It’s not a certain number that’s going to change the way we feel about money (With Tim Ferris and Ramit Sethi)

I love history told through the eyes of the people who lived it (With Bryan Curtis and Bill Walton)

Who do you want your customers to become? (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Stewart Butterfield)

The market decides (With Michael Kitces and Carl Richards)

It’s tough to hold onto stocks for a long period of time (Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Carl Kawaja)

Siskel and Ebert were the discourse (With  Brian Raftery)


It was losing more than $3,000 a minute (By Elliot Brown and Maureen Farrell)