My Shepherd

I’m not an early adopter, but there’s one trend, or person in this case, that I absolutely nailed. Packy McCormick.

$10,000 invested in Packy 1 year ago is worth 4 ETH, 7 SOL, and a gateway into what’s coming next.

I’m not very good at seeing around corners. Heck, I have a hard time seeing what’s happening on the edges today. But thanks to Packy, who has shepherded me and thousands of readers into the metaverse, I understand what people are so excited about. The topics he’s been writing about over the last year have crawled out of the corners and busted into the center of the galaxy.

Since I started reading Packy in 2020, I have ingested more words from him than anyone else on the internet. It’s not even close. His optimism is infectious and his ability to translate complex topics into plain English is unparalleled. His newest post, Sc3nius, is one of those posts that I’ll file away and probably revisit in the future.

I don’t want to step on too much of it, because you should read it for yourself, but I want to give you some motivation.

“When everything is burnt to the ground, there’s room for new ideas and institutions to grow”

“We live in fertile times, inside a testing ground for new economic and governance models.”

“This global marketplace of talent and ideas might be the single biggest shift in the past half-century, and we’re just beginning to see the earliest implications.”

“The threat that a competitor could copy-paste code and steal users, who can themselves bring all of their assets over since they live on the blockchain, and that all of this competition is out in the public, trackable on 24/7 scoreboards, means that teams need to constantly push to build better products and satisfy their users’ demands.”

“Web3 is reshaping the internet, and putting ownership in the hands of the people who build and use it.”

“In the next decade, we’re going to make leaps towards saving the planet, fixing healthcare and extending healthspans, changing the nature of work, traveling to space, and tackling myriad big problems.”

Go read this now and follow Packy if you aren’t already.