These Are the Goods


What if the big problem in the early 2000s wasn’t an excess of houses but a shortage of them? (By Full Stack Economics)

A DAO’s culture is defined by the one-to-one relationships formed between groups of individuals that can be distilled into a repeatable set of behaviors and patterns (By Mario Gabriele)

Developers and creators can transact directly with their fans and retain ownership and control over their own work. They can make royalties when their work is resold. That changes everything. (By Packy McCormick)

While it is free to start a Substack, YouTube channel, or podcast, it takes significant time, money, and sweat equity to stand out from the crowd and create a sustainable business. (By Doomberg)

The influence of capital on a system perturbs the best of intentions (By Dave Nadig)

The simplest and best definition of wisdom I’ve heard is “knowing what information is important.” (By Tom Pence)

There is nothing happening in the present economy that is being made better by increased stimulus (By Josh Brown)

“Remember When” doesn’t render a blueprint for success. (By Tony Isola)


The internet is a giant copy machine (With Chris Dixon and Bankless)

Active mutual funds are too big to fail (With me, Josh, and Eric Balchunas)

The minute you stop posting no one cares anymore (With Bill Simmons and Jake Paul)


Cheeses so filled with aromatic herbs they inspired memories that never happened. (By Gary Shteyngart)