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So this happened last September. A dad, with 30 years in the investment business, dunking on his son, “who’s never even had a job.”

The tweet backfired, with 81% of the audience voting for the kid. And, um, the performance of bitcoin versus “his precious” since the poll is, well, yeah.

I saw that tweet floating around my stream today and it caught my attention because of the conversation we just had on The Compound and Friends with Phil Huber and Jim O’Shaughnessy. Jim is the anti Peter Schiff in every way imaginable.

In 2018, at 33 years old, Patrick O’Shaughnessy took over as CEO of O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. Everyone reading this knows what a force of nature Patrick is, but how many people in Jim’s position would turn over their company to somebody at that age?

Too many people with experience look down on people without it. Jim is not one of those people. We had so much fun recording with him and Phil. If you get some time this weekend, check us out.