These Are the Goods


What I wanted was to not ever have to worry about money again. Instead, all I worried about was money. (By Neckar)

The number of people who want to write for a living exceeds the number of good livings to be had writing for large publications. (By Byrne Hobart)

In an openly competitive market, the New York Stock Exchange would go on to lose half its market share (By Marc Rubinstein)

If it’s not impacting people on a personal level, it’s easy to ignore it (By Ben Carlson)

A lot of work behind the scenes went into this project (By Josh Brown)


Venture capital isn’t about the mistakes, the only thing that matters are the ones you get right (With Acquired and Packy McCormick)

Charge an order of magnitude more (With Carly Reilly and Mack Flavelle)

You are your own index (With me, Ben, and Mike Taormina)