These Are the Goods


After correcting for nearly 11 months, innovation stocks seem to have entered deep value territory (By Cathie Wood)

It is tempting to assume that over a long enough period of time historical returns are representative of what returns can be expected going forward, but that may not be the case. (By Ben Inker and John Thorndike)

Optimism has been the financially dominant strategy for at least the past two decades (By Packy McCormick)

Who do I look up to that is secretly miserable? (By Morgan Housel)

A dirty secret-that-is-not-so-secret is that almost every NFT project out there pays influencers to promote their projects. (By Justin Hunter)

The volatility is the point. (By Josh Brown)

By the time Paul Vocker raised interest rates enough to throw the United States into a recession in 1980, the inflation rate had averaged 6.9% for the previous 11 years. (By Ben Carlson)

Chart crime confirmed (By Nick Maggiulli)

The worst plan is not having one. (By Tony Isola)


Scorcese? No, pass on that (With Bill Simmons and Ben Affleck)

An infinite amount of liquidity is being deployed (With Fintech Frank and Larry Cermak)

The S&P 500 could go to 19,000 (With Tom Lee, Josh, and yours truly)


Small businesses pay forty-five times more than the giants do. We had identified a big problem and a good reason to start a company. (By Jim McKelvey)