Animal Spirits: Howard Lindzon Unplugged

On today’s show, Ben and I spoke with Howard Lindzon. Depending on when you came to Finance Twitter, you’ll know Howard from founding Stocktwits or as a venture investor at Social Leverage, where he made early investments in Robinhood, eToro, and Rally.

Howard has been way ahead of the curve in terms of seeing where social investing was going. In a recent blog post, he wrote:

One big thesis I had the last 10 years is every financial security available to retail investors would get fractionalized…an unbundling of the S&P index that was available to retail only through institutions like Vanguard. I have been paid well for this thesis in my portfolio.

On today’s podcast, we peeled back the curtain and went back to Howard’s beginnings. I’ve heard bits and pieces of the story but never the whole thing.

We talked about how Howard got into the financial services industry, the story behind Stocktwits and Twitter, his early investment in Robinhood, and much more. You’re going to enjoy this one.

Listen here

Transcript here


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