These Are the Goods


We take things apart, but don’t know how to put them back together again afterwards. (By Tom Morgan)

The fun part about this is that all of it matters (By Packy McCormick)

There is one value investment that generates massive gains while remaining immune to market cycles, bubbles, fads, crashes, rates or the economy. (By Phil Pearlman)

Seventy-two hours later it was bankrupt. (By Morgan Housel)

Winning games but sacrificing fans in the process is a path to extinction. (By Tony Isola)

In every game there are always two games being played. (By Nick Maggiulli)

Unexpected things happen all the time. This past year is merely the latest lesson in a long series of them (By Josh Brown)


It’s no longer venture capital, it’s just capital (With Ted Seides, David Rosenthal, and Ben Gilbert)

We signed Hoffman, DeNiro, and Pacino (With Acquired and Michael Ovitz)

We overestimate the cost of failure (With Jim O’Shaughnessy and Frederik Gieschen)


The best way to manage risk was to embrace it fearlessly (By Sebastian Mallaby)