These Are the Goods


The Web3 movement has captured the zeitgeist, uniting far-flung tribes from tech, finance, politics and pop culture behind the vision of remaking today’s corrupt internet, financial, and media institutions. (By Kai Wu)

You can’t have a perfect solution in an imperfect world. (By Kyla Scanlon)

The path that led me here is an absurd story (By Morgan Housel)

If you can’t walk into WalMart and use it to buy stuff then it’s not money. (By Cullen Roche)

This is web3 in the real-world. (By Packy McCormick)

More players. More information. Fewer barriers. Faster communication (By Jack Raines)

Crypto markets behave more like consumer markets than professional investment markets (By Dror Poleg)

In the future, everything is on sale. (By Phil Pearlman)

Over the past four decades, I’ve learned that the prime prerequisite for a successful portfolio is that it survives. (By William Bernstein)

We called this bubble too early. And we admit it. (By Johann Colloredo-Mansfeld and Dan Rasmussen)

I want to lose money in the stock market! – said no one ever. (By Tony Isola)

There is still such a chasm between where growth stocks are currently valued versus where they may look more attractive to the next wave of potential buyers (By Josh Brown)


You are witnessing the future being manufactured in real time (With Jim O’Shaughnessy and Dave Nadig)

A 29% CAGR wasn’t enough to break even (With Zack Fuss and Compound248)

The 90s were really lonely (With Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman)

You can only target risk. (With Eric Golden and Ari Paul)

Instagram can’t lean on network effects the way they used to (With Ted Seides and Ali Hamed)


I’ll never forget the day I found out that my sons were degenerates (By Spencer Jakab)