These Are the Goods


When enough people do something unreasonable, it becomes reasonable.(By Dror Poleg)

Real-life experience tends to trump mental models. (By Tom Morgan)

I don’t think there’s any way to understand what a bear market feels like until you’ve lived through one. (By Morgan Housel)

It’s tempting to try and predict the endgame when the world is shifting. (By Frederik Gieschen)

There’s no way, short of experience, to appreciate how violently things can turn (By Scott Galloway)

Everyone has a path not taken. (By Jared Dillian)

Some people have called for Russian banks to be thrown out of SWIFT, the global financial messaging network, as Iranian banks were in 2012. (By Marc Rubinstein)

Valuation is a relative game where the rules (and the players) are always changing. (By Nick Maggiulli)

No strategy wins all the time on every time frame. (By Josh Brown)


The arrow of inevitability (With Derek Thompson and Josh Wolfe)

Sandler was the original Pete Davidson (With Dana Carvey, David Spade, and Chris Rock)

The art of both sides winning (With Howard Lindzon and Yoshi Yokokowa)

Pick the least bad option (With Derek Thompson and Paul Poast)

History is turning backwards (With Derek Thompson, Charles Kupchan, Liana Fix, Matthew Klein, Alex Smith, and Bonny Lin)


Power is only power until you exert it. It’s all perception (By Michael Ovitz)