These Are the Goods


We are only at the beginning of human history (By Max Roser)

Trust was their bond, and they defaulted on it last week (By Doomberg)

The events surrounding the short squeeze & subsequent halt of nickel trading on the London Metal Exchange have all the makings of a financial crisis (By Hide Not Slide)

Attracting exceptional people is a startup’s most important task outside of finding product-market fit. (By Mario Gabriele)

Homeownership isn’t inherently a home run from a financial standpoint (By Christine Benz)

Most investors have a low weighting to the best performer and a high weighting to the worst performer (By Ben Carlson)

Every big market decline by definition had to start as a smaller market decline (By Nick Maggiulli)


Extended periods of stress start to wreak havoc on you (With Frederick Gieschen and Dan McMurtrie)

Spreadsheet investing versus betting on founders (With Samir Kaji and Packy McCormick)

The hardest part of what we do is not selling (With Howard Lindzon and Kyle Samani)

Stablecoins are a much better settlement mechanism than fed wire (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Diogo Monica)

It’s a separate wallet for charities (With Meb Faber and Adam Nash)


The sound of money has a way of drowning out other noise (By Mary Childs)