These Are the Goods


Most of what people share is what they want you to see. Skills are advertised, flaws are hidden. (By Morgan Housel)

Once people belong, they automatically oppose or shut down any idea that seems to threaten their side (By Dror Poleg)

I spent 140 ETH on a cartoon picture of an Ape. Yeah, that is around $400,000. (By Raoul Pal)

Out of twenty-seven investments, ten have returned a gross MOIC of 10x or more already, with many stretching far beyond that figure (By Mario Gabriele)

Ramp is the fastest-growing SaaS or fintech company of all time by revenue. It grew to a $100 million revenue run rate in two years from launch. (By Packy McCormick)

As private property and ownership are central to capitalism, and economic activity increasingly moves online, NFTs may become central to our economy. (By Scott Galloway)

Financial services firms are 300 times as likely as other companies to be targeted by a cyber attack. (By Marc Rubinstein)

The world is now blowing up in all sorts of unexpected ways because we’ve put artificially rigid structures on natural systems (By Tom Morgan)

Even the most optimistic investors were too pessimistic. (By Nick Maggiulli)


Stocks move for very particular reasons (With Nick Colas, me, and Josh)

Wall Street is overly impressed with themselves. So are most industries. (With Acquired and Ben Rollert)

The business of basketball (With Jackie McMullen)