How to Get What You Want

Nick Maggiulli is an inspiration. Five years ago he was working as a data analytics something or the other. Today, he’s a published financial author.

He saw what he wanted, he went after it, and he got it.

Nick came to one of our conferences in 2017 from Boston, on his own dime. I was sick and had to leave early, but Nick grabbed me on my way out and said, “Hey, I came here to see you guys. I want to work for you.” A couple of months later he was in our office making a presentation on why we should hire him. I don’t want to rewrite history and say it was a no-brainer, because at the time it really wasn’t. In hindsight, it turned out to be. Nick quickly proved himself to be indispensable. I’ve never seen somebody with a faster, more efficient motor. Whenever I ask him for anything, I have it within the hour, usually quicker.

I get asked all the time “How can I get into wealth management?” And my answer is usually something like “call Fidelity.” But the real answer is to go make it happen. You can’t get what you want by being passive. Nobody is going to give you anything, you have to go and get it.

Nick’s book, Just Keep Buying, is going directly to the top of my list of books for beginner investors, along with I Will Teach You to be Rich, A Wealth of Common Sense, and The Psychology of Money.

We spoke about his book and much more on the most recent episode of The Compound and Friends.