These Are the Goods


The arc of innovation bends upward. (By Kai Wu)

For the longest time it felt like tech stocks were the only ones worth owning. That dynamic has now completely shifted. (By Ben Carlson)

People are spending about 4 percent more than you might have expected them to spend if pre-pandemic trends continued. (By Alan Cole)

Jack Bogle was hardcore. (By Tony Isola)

There is no guarantee that the individual company will ever recover (By Nick Maggiulli)

In investing, we don’t get to operate backward (By Barry Ritholtz)

People who are in love with their own opinions and public image will pay whatever you ask if the alternative is going back to living like a regular person. (By Josh Brown)


The training program’s a frat house (With Barry Ritholtz and Michael Lewis)

You want the charts to agree with the narrative (With Jurien Timmer, me, and Josh)

The revolution will not be reported quarterly (With Eric Golden and Frederik Haga)