These Are the Goods


Optimists move the world forward (By Packy McCormick)

Old gatekeepers are losing their power to anoint winners. (By Dror Poleg)

Over a long enough period of time, the safest and most transparent issuers will be the winners. (By JP Konig)

The use of inflation to mean an escalation in prices doesn’t seem to have arisen until the 19th century (By Jason Zweig)

Almost no one gets off the ride near the top. Near the top is just when things are starting to get too good to leave (By Josh Brown)

Solve life backwards (By Nick Maggiulli)


Experience influences beliefs (With Corey Hoffstein and Michael Green)

Do the ratings spike when the market’s getting crushed? (With Ryen Russillo and David Faber)

This is the most profound innovation for the global economy since the internet (With Jeffrey Ptak, Christine Benz, and Ric Edelman)