These Are the Goods


Let’s face it: there is no blueprint to be found in any of these stories. There is no shortcut to wealth (By Frederik Gieschen)

I think we can now safely say inflation is not transitory. (By Allison Schrager)

Financial systems tend towards instability (By Marc Rubinstein)

 The rules of the system are baked into the code. (With Mario Gabriele and Chris Dixon)

Investors used to put a premium on growth. Now they put a premium on self-sustainability. (By Ali Hamed)

Countries that reduce production of fossil fuels under the assumption that renewables can quickly replace them face substantial economic and geopolitical risks (By Michael Cembalest)

We’re guilty of this on both sides: lionizing companies and their founders for high valuations, and ripping them to shreds when valuations fall. (By Packy McCormick)

If you’re not confused right now, then you don’t understand what’s going on. (By Josh Brown)

The bear market playbook (By Blair duQuesnay)

The race to get into the most elite universities is approaching maximum absurdity. (By Tony Isola)

No two market environments are ever the same but there are always some similarities because human nature is the one constant across all cycles. (By Ben Carlson)


It’s the purest of momentum assets (With Joe Weisenthal, Tracy Alloway, and Kevin Zhou)

Broadcast TV still does billions of dollars (With Matthew Belloni and Lucas Shaw)