These Are the Goods


Each of these developments was believed to be capable of changing the world, such that the past realities of business need not constrain investors’ imaginations and willingness to pay up (By Howard Marks)

There’s a lot riding on when inflation peaks (By Michael Cembalest)

The laundry list of worrisome news in 2022 is exhausting (By Phil Huber)

The world isn’t yours for the taking, but for the trying. Try hard, really hard. (By Scott Galloway)

After such a frothy year in markets, it makes sense that we would see a return to fundamentals (By Nick Maggiulli)

The thing that most affects the market is everything (By Ben Carlson)

The mortgage banker layoffs are already coming (By Josh Brown)


Most portfolios are still dominated by what’s been great in the last decade (With Tracy Alloway, Joe Weisenthal, and Greg Jensen)

It’s all about the money (With Jim O’Shaughnessy and Ben Hunt)

Top Gun: Maverick (With Sean Fennessey, Amanda Dobbins, and Joe Kosinsky)