These Are the Goods


The source of the pessimism about future growth is less the war than the sudden surge in inflation and the likely reaction of central banks to that surge. (By Adam Tooze)

How You Feel compounds into How Everyone Feels, and that is consumer sentiment (By Kyla Scanlon)

Reliance on food and energy imports creates supply, price, currency stability and national security risks (By Michael Cembalest)

Bitcoin is not the reserve currency of anything, not even the crypto industry. (By Nic Carlson)

In crypto absolutely anything apparently goes. (By Matt Levine)

Who is to blame for the rampant inflation the United States (By Barry Ritholtz)

The hardest part about bear markets is having the patience to sit on your hands (By Leigh Drogen)

Cynics sound smart but optimists build the future. (By Chris Dixon)

This cycle’s carry trade of the century was sponsored by Do Kwon and TerraUSD. (By Arthur Hayes)

In America, every idea gets its moment in the sun, and every idiot (or lunatic) gets their fifteen minutes of fame (By Dror Poleg)

With a twenty year time horizon, it’s never too soon to buy, but we’re talking about the present not the future. (By Josh Brown)

What’s priced in? (By Ben Carlson)


Why do you need a blockchain? (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Alex Danco)

You only need to create each thing once (With Ted Seides and Chris Dixon)